A properly designed and installed retaining wall should last you as long as it needs to and not require upkeep and repair. Our retaining wall design and installation experts can ensure successful results for you even on the most difficult terrain. Using the latest design and engineering tools OPFence can create a look and feel that meets your visual and performance expectations as well as your budget. A wide variety of retaining wall systems are available in many colours, textures and sizes to meet the simplest, and the most demanding requirements.

Today’s retaining wall systems come in a wide range of styles and sizes for differing applications including:

  • decorative borders
  • flower beds
  • raised curbside
  • engineered soil and load bearing walls
  • engineered walls to prevent land erosion

Aside from their aesthetic appeal retaining walls also offer many benefits:

  • increase the resale value of your property
  • environmentally friendly materials
  • ideal for our cold climates and freeze-thaw cycles
  • will not crack
  • long life expectancy when designed, engineered and installed to best practices

Quality Construction Guaranteed!

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